Monday, 24 October 2011

grab your coat, you've pulled.

autumn is definitely here. the air feels frosty, and it's dark by six o'clock, so what we all need to face these chilly mornings is a nice coat to shield our extremities from the nip in the air.
so, with my limited funds and the fact that i'm too lazy to go to any vintage stores, i began to search the topshop website. these were my favourite finds:

 premium faux fur panel coat - £110
this was the coat that immediately caught my eye. obviously it's faux or i would never have posted it, i am completely against the slaughtering of animals for clothes. however, i do think that fur is beautiful, so if we can make fur replicas i have no problem with their use.  so this beautiful coat looks perfect to slouch into on a cold winter day. it's truly lovely.
diamond tweed velvet tie coat - £80
this was the next coat i noticed. i adore the gothic colour scheme of blood red and black, i a dog tooth pattern. then the 60's structure of the coat makes it all the ore appealing. also the high collar and thick weave makes it look nice and warm.
mans wool mix coat - £175
finally i noticed this lovely 'boyfriend's' coat. the neutral caramel colour makes it practical and wearable. i just can't describe how much i love this coat. i would be thrilled to wear this over anything from a fitted pastel dress to a draped blouse and leggings.

Sunday, 23 October 2011

fashion literature

over the years i have bought alot of books about fashion. i love reading, and after harry potter, fashion books are my favourite. so i just thought i'd tell you about my favourites.
 fashion a to z by alex newman and zakee shariff has to be one of the most useful books i've ever come across, and i would reccomend buying this before the other books i reccomend. it is what it says on the tin, a dictionary filled with all things fashion. it hasn't failed me yet.
 textile designers at the cutting edge by bradley quinn is not a bit of light reading. it is like reading one thousand educational vogues all squeezed into three hundred and eleven pages. filled with pictures to make it more understandable, this book will leave you feeling like a god, who knows everything there is to know about textiles.
the fundamentals of fashion design by richard sorger and jenny udale, i think is my favourite. it's like a 'how to' of fashion. a seemingly random collection of topics leaves me filled with ideas. i cannot reccomend this book enough.

Saturday, 22 October 2011

style crush - florence welch

florence welch is one of my major style crushes aswell as one of my favourite musicians. although i would like to make it clear, that the part of her style that influences me most, is her everyday wear (rather than her stage gear). her cute and unique style is one of my absolute favourites. she is one of the first people i've seen to create a preppy, country look with a gothic edge.

much like her voice, her style is like no other. she looks like every piece she owns has been designed just for her. and that is why florence welch is my style crush.

choking on chokers

i was just looking around on google, when i found a beautiful gold YSL choker. i've noticed that chokers were becoming a bit of an autumn/winter jewellery must have, but i had never been fully sold on them. i had always thought of them as unflattering and slightly too heavy and gothic. they have never been to my taste. that was until i came across this one.

I have been interested in yves saint laurent since i went to morocco and visited their memorial, so when i saw this choker i was immediately interested. i clicked the thumbnail for a close up and immediately, i was in love.
i absolutely adore this piece. the thick gold chain makes it look luxurious, and expensive. the black stones that form the clasp make the piece look almost indulgent. i am fully aware that i can not afford this beautiful piece of art, but i will probably spend at least another hour looking at it and imagining that it's mine, because something about this choker gives me a hypnotic longing for it. 


it's not even snowing yet

nylon has recently brought to my attention that there is a vast amount of, what i can only describe as 'wedged snow boots'. at first, i was not at all pleased. i picture snow boots as bulky shoes that absolutely must be avoided unless it has snowed.and once you add a wedge..
charlotte ronson - $127
i picture this sort of thing. the only polite way i can think of describing this, is "not to my taste" because frankly i wouldn't be caught dead in them. the rubber wedge, which seems to be just a bit too pink, clashes nastily with the dark brown material. i would certainly not be following this trend if they were the only option. 

however, i continued browsing the selection of wedged snow boots that the nylon website offered me, and found something to give me a sudden change of heart.
michael kors - $350

these beautiful suede boots have completely changed my perspective on wedged snow boots. the harmonious use of neutral colours look completely wearable, and the fur trim adds a snugly edge that just makes me want to put them on right now.

Friday, 21 October 2011

vesace and h&m

so versace and h&m have formed a collaborative collection, and i think it is stunning.
 leggings - £24.99
 silk skirt - £39.99
dress - £69.99
i love the quirky use of colours, and summer patterns that will light up any winter wardrobe. the prices are totally reasonable, averaging at just above h&m's usual price range. i think the whole collection is cute and eccentric. it ranges from tassled silk tops to black dresses with buttons, making every item so unique it seems like a must have.

however i would like to make it clear, that if i do purchase anything from this collection, i will wear it with care. because with patterns this bold, and colours this bright, there is a high risk of going from quirky to tacky.

Thursday, 20 October 2011

jesse jo stark and vans

jesse jo stark has released a collection with vans. i am thrilled. i have always admired the style of jesse jo, and my most treasured possession is my american flag vans. i am looking forward to religiously saving for every item. the cobrasnake website is selling the collection on november the first and i am anxiously waiting for their release.

from these, and afew other pictures of items, i am overjoyed to see that the collection captures jesse jo's fun and grungey style. i think that the top (third image) is one of the most adorable and quirky things i've seen all year, and i intend on buying the rucksack (first image) as soon as it is released.
i have always wanted a rucksack that i liked enough to be brave and buy. i'm so glad this vans and jesse jo team have provided me with one.

my wishlist

before i remade, i had quite afew people asking me to publish a wishlist of mine. so i know it's sad but i actually have a wishlist saved to my computer and i just buy things from it whenever i have enough money i just buy something off it. anyway here are afew things i want as soon as possible.
so yeah, those are the things i'm totally desperate for.

the tumblr generation

at the moment, i feel like i can not get away from tumblr. i enjoy using tumblr, but i can't stand how it's taking over my friend's (and sometimes my own) fashion tastes. it seems like recently everyone is losing their individuality, and what's worse is they're doing it all because they want to be indie.
indie started by being a slang term for independent rock, and recently became used for referring to 'individual' people.
so my question is this. if everyone is 'indie', how is it still fucking indie?
so many people now have cross rings, dip dyed hair, and American flag shorts that these things just aren't unique anymore.  
so i suppose what i'm saying is, please please please, find your own way to be happy with what you wear.