Thursday, 22 December 2011

online stores

i love online shopping. i think that it's brilliant that i buy from shops that are only located in america or something. i just think it's so convenient. so this is my list of top 5 online stores to shop at.
1. urban outfitters. i love everything from this shop. the sizes on the website are accurate and it is simple to understand how to order. of course you may consider me biased because this is my favourite shop but i really recommend it.
2. black milk. i don't know if this company actually has shops, if they do i've never seen one. it's fairly simple to order from. i think that this website has some of the most beautiful clothes i've ever seen.
3. asos. asos is a really easy website to use and has a wide range of clothes. this can be brilliant, but it does take quite a while to find something you really want because of all the plain clothes that they supply.
4. topshop. i'm lucky enough to have a topshop store in my town, but for those who don't i would definitely recommend this site. topshop clothes are beautiful, also the site is organised and easy to use.
5. american apparel. the american apparel website is not very convenient to use. the layout is difficult and unappealing. however i think that despite that, it should still make the top 5 because it has such good clothes.

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