Thursday, 22 December 2011

most fashionable 2011

2011 is coming to a close and i saw that nylon made a best dressed list. i was inspired by this. i will be doing a list of Top 4; best dressed of 2011.
1. emma watson is my number one best dressed this year. she has been my hero since 2001 (i was four) when she played are debut role as hermione granger. this year, the final harry potter film was released and as usual it was amazing. however in real life she has been a huge style icon. she looks beautiful and is always dressed perfectly. not to mention that while she is doing all of this, she has now taken on an oxford degree. she is definitely a style icon and an amazing role model.
2. florence welch definitely deserves a place in this list. i think she is amazing. she manages to be a brilliant musician and a style icon 24/7. for more details click here to a previous style crush post i made about her.
3. third in my list is felice fawn. felice fawn is my hero. her views on religion inspired me to stand up for my own opinions on the matter. she is endlessly wise and infinately beautiful. her style is nothing like mine, but i would have to be an idiot not to see the beauty in it. i cannot express enough, how wonderful this woman is.

4. in fourth place i want to put alexa chung. she has been my style hero for years now, and this year she's been amazing as always. she's the queen of the mod fashion and i think she's brilliant. she looks like she's stepped off the runway; effortlessly stylish. she's just fantastic.

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