Thursday, 22 December 2011

fictional fashion

my fictional fashion hero's.
effy stonem is a huge fashion influence of mine. i think her style is amazing, she's beautiful, and although she never looks perfectly groomed due to her wild lifestyle on skins, she always looks stunning in an effortless way.
regina george plays the class bitch in the film mean girls. although her style is so feminine that its almost sickly, her beauty and trashy fashion cannot be ignored. the exact opposite of effy, her outfits are always perfectly matched and she never has a hair out of place.
phoebe buffay in friends has a style that can only be described as unusual. however this makes it all the more stylish. at the time, phoebe's style was considered clumsy and unfashionable; but now her style is equal to that of the modern day hipster. particularly in the early series, she would frequently support knitwear and clumpy shoes like doc martains. phoebe has turned out far more stylish now than she was at the time.

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