Sunday, 20 November 2011

style crush - sky ferreira

i have to admit that sky ferreira's music is not to my taste. her pop/dance style is fun and catchy but just not my style. but her fashion sense is one of the most inspiring and beautiful things i've ever seen.

her long thick hair always looks amazing. it's not in a neat; 'not a hair out of place' kind of way, but like her hair always looks naturally good. usually it's blond with dark routes but it occasionally has purple streaks though it. this is hair i can only dream about having.
she has this way of looking like she gets out of bed and looks as beautiful as always. she usually wears some eyeliner and red lipstick which gives a classy sixties vibe, which contrasts with her grunge style completely. 
her style reminds me of jesse jo stark's. she always seems effortlessly fashionable. she usually works a grunge look but always has her femininity. her clothes are always wearable and i just wish i owned everything she's ever worn. 

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