Thursday, 20 October 2011

jesse jo stark and vans

jesse jo stark has released a collection with vans. i am thrilled. i have always admired the style of jesse jo, and my most treasured possession is my american flag vans. i am looking forward to religiously saving for every item. the cobrasnake website is selling the collection on november the first and i am anxiously waiting for their release.

from these, and afew other pictures of items, i am overjoyed to see that the collection captures jesse jo's fun and grungey style. i think that the top (third image) is one of the most adorable and quirky things i've seen all year, and i intend on buying the rucksack (first image) as soon as it is released.
i have always wanted a rucksack that i liked enough to be brave and buy. i'm so glad this vans and jesse jo team have provided me with one.

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