Saturday, 22 October 2011

it's not even snowing yet

nylon has recently brought to my attention that there is a vast amount of, what i can only describe as 'wedged snow boots'. at first, i was not at all pleased. i picture snow boots as bulky shoes that absolutely must be avoided unless it has snowed.and once you add a wedge..
charlotte ronson - $127
i picture this sort of thing. the only polite way i can think of describing this, is "not to my taste" because frankly i wouldn't be caught dead in them. the rubber wedge, which seems to be just a bit too pink, clashes nastily with the dark brown material. i would certainly not be following this trend if they were the only option. 

however, i continued browsing the selection of wedged snow boots that the nylon website offered me, and found something to give me a sudden change of heart.
michael kors - $350

these beautiful suede boots have completely changed my perspective on wedged snow boots. the harmonious use of neutral colours look completely wearable, and the fur trim adds a snugly edge that just makes me want to put them on right now.

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