Monday, 24 October 2011

grab your coat, you've pulled.

autumn is definitely here. the air feels frosty, and it's dark by six o'clock, so what we all need to face these chilly mornings is a nice coat to shield our extremities from the nip in the air.
so, with my limited funds and the fact that i'm too lazy to go to any vintage stores, i began to search the topshop website. these were my favourite finds:

 premium faux fur panel coat - £110
this was the coat that immediately caught my eye. obviously it's faux or i would never have posted it, i am completely against the slaughtering of animals for clothes. however, i do think that fur is beautiful, so if we can make fur replicas i have no problem with their use.  so this beautiful coat looks perfect to slouch into on a cold winter day. it's truly lovely.
diamond tweed velvet tie coat - £80
this was the next coat i noticed. i adore the gothic colour scheme of blood red and black, i a dog tooth pattern. then the 60's structure of the coat makes it all the ore appealing. also the high collar and thick weave makes it look nice and warm.
mans wool mix coat - £175
finally i noticed this lovely 'boyfriend's' coat. the neutral caramel colour makes it practical and wearable. i just can't describe how much i love this coat. i would be thrilled to wear this over anything from a fitted pastel dress to a draped blouse and leggings.


  1. I love that first coat! Very nice!

    Thank you for joining my group on IFB.. Ive now followed you on twitter.

    Look forward to more posts from you.


  2. You've got a lovely blog ;) Keep up the good work!

    Hope you'll stumble over my blog too ;)