Sunday, 23 October 2011

fashion literature

over the years i have bought alot of books about fashion. i love reading, and after harry potter, fashion books are my favourite. so i just thought i'd tell you about my favourites.
 fashion a to z by alex newman and zakee shariff has to be one of the most useful books i've ever come across, and i would reccomend buying this before the other books i reccomend. it is what it says on the tin, a dictionary filled with all things fashion. it hasn't failed me yet.
 textile designers at the cutting edge by bradley quinn is not a bit of light reading. it is like reading one thousand educational vogues all squeezed into three hundred and eleven pages. filled with pictures to make it more understandable, this book will leave you feeling like a god, who knows everything there is to know about textiles.
the fundamentals of fashion design by richard sorger and jenny udale, i think is my favourite. it's like a 'how to' of fashion. a seemingly random collection of topics leaves me filled with ideas. i cannot reccomend this book enough.


  1. You should definitely check out The One Hundred by Nina Garcia. It focuses on the 100 essential pieces that a fashionable woman should own and that remain timeless. I really enjoyed it!

    xx Jacqueline

  2. thank you for the reccomendation! i'll be sure to check it out soon.