Saturday, 22 October 2011

choking on chokers

i was just looking around on google, when i found a beautiful gold YSL choker. i've noticed that chokers were becoming a bit of an autumn/winter jewellery must have, but i had never been fully sold on them. i had always thought of them as unflattering and slightly too heavy and gothic. they have never been to my taste. that was until i came across this one.

I have been interested in yves saint laurent since i went to morocco and visited their memorial, so when i saw this choker i was immediately interested. i clicked the thumbnail for a close up and immediately, i was in love.
i absolutely adore this piece. the thick gold chain makes it look luxurious, and expensive. the black stones that form the clasp make the piece look almost indulgent. i am fully aware that i can not afford this beautiful piece of art, but i will probably spend at least another hour looking at it and imagining that it's mine, because something about this choker gives me a hypnotic longing for it. 


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  1. it's soo pretty :) and a must!!