Thursday, 22 December 2011

fictional fashion

my fictional fashion hero's.
effy stonem is a huge fashion influence of mine. i think her style is amazing, she's beautiful, and although she never looks perfectly groomed due to her wild lifestyle on skins, she always looks stunning in an effortless way.
regina george plays the class bitch in the film mean girls. although her style is so feminine that its almost sickly, her beauty and trashy fashion cannot be ignored. the exact opposite of effy, her outfits are always perfectly matched and she never has a hair out of place.
phoebe buffay in friends has a style that can only be described as unusual. however this makes it all the more stylish. at the time, phoebe's style was considered clumsy and unfashionable; but now her style is equal to that of the modern day hipster. particularly in the early series, she would frequently support knitwear and clumpy shoes like doc martains. phoebe has turned out far more stylish now than she was at the time.

sci-fi fashion

at this moment i am watching a christmas special of doctor who, and the first person to come on set was a woman in a white body suit. i think it looks brilliant. science fiction is often mocked and connected to dorks, not fashion. but i think that great inspiration can be taken from this genre.
so here are a couple sci-fi inspired pieces that i found.

online stores

i love online shopping. i think that it's brilliant that i buy from shops that are only located in america or something. i just think it's so convenient. so this is my list of top 5 online stores to shop at.
1. urban outfitters. i love everything from this shop. the sizes on the website are accurate and it is simple to understand how to order. of course you may consider me biased because this is my favourite shop but i really recommend it.
2. black milk. i don't know if this company actually has shops, if they do i've never seen one. it's fairly simple to order from. i think that this website has some of the most beautiful clothes i've ever seen.
3. asos. asos is a really easy website to use and has a wide range of clothes. this can be brilliant, but it does take quite a while to find something you really want because of all the plain clothes that they supply.
4. topshop. i'm lucky enough to have a topshop store in my town, but for those who don't i would definitely recommend this site. topshop clothes are beautiful, also the site is organised and easy to use.
5. american apparel. the american apparel website is not very convenient to use. the layout is difficult and unappealing. however i think that despite that, it should still make the top 5 because it has such good clothes.

most fashionable 2011

2011 is coming to a close and i saw that nylon made a best dressed list. i was inspired by this. i will be doing a list of Top 4; best dressed of 2011.
1. emma watson is my number one best dressed this year. she has been my hero since 2001 (i was four) when she played are debut role as hermione granger. this year, the final harry potter film was released and as usual it was amazing. however in real life she has been a huge style icon. she looks beautiful and is always dressed perfectly. not to mention that while she is doing all of this, she has now taken on an oxford degree. she is definitely a style icon and an amazing role model.
2. florence welch definitely deserves a place in this list. i think she is amazing. she manages to be a brilliant musician and a style icon 24/7. for more details click here to a previous style crush post i made about her.
3. third in my list is felice fawn. felice fawn is my hero. her views on religion inspired me to stand up for my own opinions on the matter. she is endlessly wise and infinately beautiful. her style is nothing like mine, but i would have to be an idiot not to see the beauty in it. i cannot express enough, how wonderful this woman is.

4. in fourth place i want to put alexa chung. she has been my style hero for years now, and this year she's been amazing as always. she's the queen of the mod fashion and i think she's brilliant. she looks like she's stepped off the runway; effortlessly stylish. she's just fantastic.

christmas list cont.

i've added two new gorgeous items to my christmas list. two pairs of amazing leggings from blackmilk. i was so happy to fnd these because for a while now, i've been looking for some leggings that are interesting and not plain & dull.
  i love this pair with skeleton bones on them. i think these are brilliant because they will go with anything, just like regular leggings, but they are far more original and unique.
then these nebula leggings. i think that they are amazing and would be so fun to wear. they would be difficult to match with things but i think it would be worth it; just because they are so beautiful.

work experiance

so i'm doing my work experience next year in january and i've applied to urban outfitters. i was lucky enough to be given an interview with them! it would be such an honour to work there even just for a week.

knee high boots

looking through the vogue website and found that a current trend is knee high boots. this isn't something that i've noticed in my town, but i am thrilled to see that this trend is happening in winter. it is rare that fashion is appropriate for the seasons, but knee high boots are ideal for the colder months.
so here are afew knee high boots i found to go with the trend:


so i've already done one post on my christmas list, but things have changed. i still want the jacket but i no longer need the creepers. this is because i went to a vintage fair at the boileroom and got an amazing pair of double stacked, navy blue creepers for £10.
i was so thrilled when i found them and i can tell that these are going to become a much-used part of my wardrobe.

Saturday, 10 December 2011

eye makeup

i just thought i'd share this inspiring image with you guys. i just think that it's such a beautiful idea.
(i'm not sure what the source is so if you do please let me know)

Monday, 21 November 2011

winter leggings.

 contrast to popular opinion, i like leggings. don't get me wrong, i have as much against the baggy see-through sacks that some people wear on their legs as the next person. however i think that a nice tight pair of leggings on the right body shape can look lush. and with winter coming up i think we could all use some nice comfortable wintery leggings in our wardrobe. then on the urban outfitters website i found just what i was looking for.

not only do they have these lovely leggings with wonderfully wintery designs but they also have two pairs of winter patterned trousers.

well done urban outfitters.

Sunday, 20 November 2011

style crush - sky ferreira

i have to admit that sky ferreira's music is not to my taste. her pop/dance style is fun and catchy but just not my style. but her fashion sense is one of the most inspiring and beautiful things i've ever seen.

her long thick hair always looks amazing. it's not in a neat; 'not a hair out of place' kind of way, but like her hair always looks naturally good. usually it's blond with dark routes but it occasionally has purple streaks though it. this is hair i can only dream about having.
she has this way of looking like she gets out of bed and looks as beautiful as always. she usually wears some eyeliner and red lipstick which gives a classy sixties vibe, which contrasts with her grunge style completely. 
her style reminds me of jesse jo stark's. she always seems effortlessly fashionable. she usually works a grunge look but always has her femininity. her clothes are always wearable and i just wish i owned everything she's ever worn. 

christmas is coming

as usual for late november christmas lights are going up in high-streets, adverts are showing christmas bargins and christmas music is playing all around. as well as all that, people are begining to plan their christmas lists.
my christmas list consists of most of my wishlist and the following...
a navy blue classic barbour jacket. i think coats and jackets by barbour are really beautiful. they are fun and preppy and something i would love to own but can seldom afforrd. luckily 'tis the season of giving and i'm really hoping to find this under my tree.
i'm also hoping for some round toe, single sole, underground creepers. the picture shows the colours and patterns that i would prefere them in (all black with a leopard print center panel). i think that creepers are so quirky and fun, i'd love to add this pair to my shoe collection.

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

10 ladies i'd like to be for a day

1. audry hepburn - i'd love to be audry hepburn for a day. she has to be the most beautiful woman in the history of the planet. i just adore her class and elegance.
classic portrait of audry hepburn.
2. kate middleton - kate middleton is the most elegant woman of our time. she seems to be endlessly kind and polite. but the reason i would most like to be kate middleton, is so i could wear her wedding dress. the alexander mcqueen gown was so stunning, i don't think i'd ever seen anything so suited for the classy lady wearing it.
kate middleton in her perfect wedding dress.
3. florence welch - see my reasons in my style crush post here. i mean really she is just flawless. and i would love to have a voice that could bring people to tears.
florece performing with her machine
4. vivienne westwood - this quirky designer was practically the trigger that started the punk movement. words cannot describe how much i would have loved to have been a part of that. 
most famous image of westwood 
5. twiggy - twiggy does not have a single flaw. she was beautiful. she's aged elegantly. and she remains beautiful to this day. i don't think there is a single model i respect more.
the classic portrait of twiggy.
6. coco chanel - a name recognised world wide. the pinnacle of class. she needs no introduction.
chanel looking chanel
7. marilyn monroe - marilyn monroe is my hero. she was one of the most beautiful women in the world. she was used by men until she actually feared love. but she still turned up to any job with a smile on her face.
monroe looking as perfect as usual
8. kate moss - the second kate on my list, kate moss does not have i life that i would want to lead (the phrase "nothing tastes as good as skinny feels" comes to mind). however i would sure as hell like to have her wardrobe for a day! she always looks fierce. 
kate moss
9. cleopatra - supposedley the most beautiful women in history, and a powerful ruler of egypt. cleopatra is a legend, always covered from head to toe in gold and jewels. she would bathe in milk to keep herself beautiful and a classic film (with elizabeth taylor playing cleopatra) was based on her.
elizabeth taylor in her role as cleopatra
10. alexa chung - alexa chung is effortlessly stylish. her natural beauty is in harmony with her relaxed fashion sence.
and that concludes my list of women i'd like to be for twentyfour hours.

denim denim denim

everyone knows that a good pair of jeans is the staple of any woman's wardrobe. denim is essential in fashion. nylon has based an issue on it, and it seems like every magazine has done their two page spread on the perfect pair of jeans. but they are always the same: slim fit, dark blue and comfortable.

well i am looking for a pair of jeans that offer more than that. i don't want the basic blue jeans. i want a pair of jeans that make a statement. i don't want my jeans to support the rest of the outfit, i want them to hold their own. so i went on a search, and this is what i came up with.
i immediately noticed that interesting jeans were few and far between. these two were the best i could find, and the top ones aren't even jeans! as much as i adore both of these items, i can't help but feel dissapointed by such a small offering of denim from the fashion world.
if anyone has found any good statement jeans, please comment!

Monday, 24 October 2011

grab your coat, you've pulled.

autumn is definitely here. the air feels frosty, and it's dark by six o'clock, so what we all need to face these chilly mornings is a nice coat to shield our extremities from the nip in the air.
so, with my limited funds and the fact that i'm too lazy to go to any vintage stores, i began to search the topshop website. these were my favourite finds:

 premium faux fur panel coat - £110
this was the coat that immediately caught my eye. obviously it's faux or i would never have posted it, i am completely against the slaughtering of animals for clothes. however, i do think that fur is beautiful, so if we can make fur replicas i have no problem with their use.  so this beautiful coat looks perfect to slouch into on a cold winter day. it's truly lovely.
diamond tweed velvet tie coat - £80
this was the next coat i noticed. i adore the gothic colour scheme of blood red and black, i a dog tooth pattern. then the 60's structure of the coat makes it all the ore appealing. also the high collar and thick weave makes it look nice and warm.
mans wool mix coat - £175
finally i noticed this lovely 'boyfriend's' coat. the neutral caramel colour makes it practical and wearable. i just can't describe how much i love this coat. i would be thrilled to wear this over anything from a fitted pastel dress to a draped blouse and leggings.

Sunday, 23 October 2011

fashion literature

over the years i have bought alot of books about fashion. i love reading, and after harry potter, fashion books are my favourite. so i just thought i'd tell you about my favourites.
 fashion a to z by alex newman and zakee shariff has to be one of the most useful books i've ever come across, and i would reccomend buying this before the other books i reccomend. it is what it says on the tin, a dictionary filled with all things fashion. it hasn't failed me yet.
 textile designers at the cutting edge by bradley quinn is not a bit of light reading. it is like reading one thousand educational vogues all squeezed into three hundred and eleven pages. filled with pictures to make it more understandable, this book will leave you feeling like a god, who knows everything there is to know about textiles.
the fundamentals of fashion design by richard sorger and jenny udale, i think is my favourite. it's like a 'how to' of fashion. a seemingly random collection of topics leaves me filled with ideas. i cannot reccomend this book enough.

Saturday, 22 October 2011

style crush - florence welch

florence welch is one of my major style crushes aswell as one of my favourite musicians. although i would like to make it clear, that the part of her style that influences me most, is her everyday wear (rather than her stage gear). her cute and unique style is one of my absolute favourites. she is one of the first people i've seen to create a preppy, country look with a gothic edge.

much like her voice, her style is like no other. she looks like every piece she owns has been designed just for her. and that is why florence welch is my style crush.